Elbow tie and Irish 8

BL587 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 10 February 2018

I was so proud of myself last time when I got my elbows to touch. Can’t get enough of it now, I keep doing elbow ties all day long! Here is another one, this time with a pair of Irish 8 added. Super tight and inescapable rope, plus Irish 8’s! How can you go wrong! I love this! I am now trying to stay elbow tied for longer and longer, eventually I want to spend an entire day elbow tied! Do you think that will be possible?

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  1. It can be possible to have elbows tied for 24 hours, the important thing to remember you don’t do the elbows to tight with rope to the point of stopping blood flow in your arms, for example if your arms go numb, and then start to tingle or a burning feeling in your arms then you must be untied, if you don’t you will cause damage to nerves or circulation in your arms, just use common sense. You look fantastic with your elbows and wrists tied behind your back, please play safe ;)

  2. Very lovely and very sexy! Great update!

  3. How can you feed yourself like that?

  4. It is probably possible, yes, as long as you make sure that the person doing the tying up makes it snug but not too tight. With elbows you can easily tie them up so it’s impossbile to wiggle out but also not overly tight. Even for 24 hours, as you long as you bring yourself up to that point, it is possible but you’d probably want to have your friend visit you every few hours. You would still need food, water and toilet visits. But this is a VERY exciting idea!

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