The extreme huge heavy wooden stocks again!

BL583 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 13 January 2018

Can I curse here? Oh, it’s my own website… well here we go: This fucking wooden block again! It’s so incredibly heavy and tight! I have been locked in this block only a few times in my life (try to find the other updates on this site), but I still hate it. It is so heavy! It’s extremely hard to sit up again when I lie down to get a break from the weight. The block is also very tall, so my neck barely fits in it, like the most extreme posture collar you have ever seen. If I pull really hard on my wrists I think I could get them out, but someone locked 2 pairs of handcuffs on my wrists, on top of the stocks! How cruel! Imagine having to wear this for some hours! Well, I did and it sucked!

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  1. well… Imagine being in medieval prison and wearing it for months or years :)

  2. That looks annoying and restrictive. I love it and am so jealous.

  3. Great use of handcuffs to lock your wrists in the stock

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