Mouth spreader and RigidFiddle

BL585 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 27 January 2018

One of the most popular updates ever was my home update where I watched TV during my mouth spreader training. That was 10 years ago!! As many of you know, I have self imposed rules: I can NEVER watch TV or use a computer or phone if I am not gagged and cuffed. This means that if you email me, you know I was gagged and cuffed when I wrote you an answer! Here is another relaxed TV evening, this time in a mouth spreader AND RigidFiddle. Because I watch TV like this. Yes I do. Stops me from eating unhealthy things and it is a lot of fun. It’s also how I became so good at wearing gags. My jaw is fully gag trained, and I can be gagged for an unlimited time (yes really).

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  1. Well maybe it’s time for a gagged endurance challenge then? Let’s see how long you can really last.

  2. If you were by yourself and locked in the rigid fidle with easy access to the key, can you get out by yourself?

  3. I know there are no chastity belts for guys but I came up with something tha comes close. Years ago I would fond shorts that fit luse around the waist and noticed how close together I can get the front belt loops and then thought what if I were to padlock them to gether? So I did and then I had to search for the key or I would be stuck in shorts. Some times I would sleep while locked in shorts.

  4. Slave in front of the TV, what is the most difficult thing to free, the fiddle or the tele?

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