I did an elbow tie!

BL584 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 20 January 2018

I wasn’t flexible enough to do an elbow tie for all of my life! Faithful fans know they have never seen me do one. But I have been training and training and I finally did it! My first elbow tie! Wooow this was tight. Trust me, it’s not easy for me, but it felt wonderful! I want to train more and more! I wish I had a regular rope rigger who could work with me every day to train my shoulders. This is great! Don’t miss this update, it’s awesome!

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  1. Congratulations! Persistence and training does pay off! Wonderful update!

  2. Excellent update Gina! We all look forward to seeing you in more elbow ties, whenever you’ve got somebody around who can tie you up of course. It looks nice and secure, it’s pointless even trying to escape it on your own. It’s times like these that you’re glad that your lady bits down there are very well protected, inaccessible without the key, nobody could take advantage of your vulnerable position. Keep it coming, this update is awesome.

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