Full chastity pony training

BL578 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 09 December 2017

This metal head harness is amazing! It comes with an integrated collar and even a pony plume on top! I really felt like I had to do some pony training, it gets me all excited, just thinking about it! My arms even go behind my back automatically (which means that I go into sub mode, I can’t help it), and I lift my legs high. I just wish I had a good pony trainer. There are some good ones in Germany, but they don’t live close. They even have pony carts. I’d love to pull a cart with someone on it!

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  1. all you need now is a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, Thigh bands and all the connecting chains and the outfit would be complete

    also you should wear you Bra more often :P

  2. Cool ! perfekt for a girl like you
    I love it

  3. How about pony tail butt plug ? =))

  4. To be honest: very nice pictures!
    I am in favor of being pulled by you.

  5. I just wondered: why didn’t you plan to spend all the time in a chastity bra?

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