Leg irons and leopard leggings

BL574 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 11 November 2017

Try to say ‘leopard leggings’ really fast a few times. Okay, now stop it, and just look at this update… :D LOL! Me and Roxanne wear leggings. With ankle cuffs. Because fans requested it and we are always listening to what fans are asking! Of course, we love leggings and Roxanne likes leopard prints a lot. So it was a lot of fun to shoot this for you. I think these leggings make our legs and butts look good!

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  1. Nice update again Gina !

    Love the leggings, but isn’t it time to get Roxanne belted as well. Seems a bit unfair like this for u :p

  2. These lovely ladies should be handcuffed together to make it more interesting !!

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