Tickle time!

BL569 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 07 October 2017

One of the things I hate the most is tickling! Especially when I am in bondage! I get many requests for it, but I almost never do it, because I literally die. Seriously, I can’t take it. BUT… that doesn’t mean I can’t tickle OTHER people heheheheh. Now, my best friend Roxanne is also very ticklish, so this should be lots of fun! Also, leaving Roxanne cuffed to a cross is so much fun I couldn’t resist it :D

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  1. Its good to see roxanne in handcuffs and playing with gina again

  2. first time i see the Roxanne armpits, thank you very much for this
    More armpits please

  3. Gina, your friend certainly could not resist being tickling. Honey, you knew that was coming. :-)

    Roxanne is super cute in handcuffs and you’re hot as always in your chastity belt.

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