A new pink straitjacket!

BL564 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 02 September 2017

I have a new straitjacket! It is pink (although in the pictures it probably looks more like a dark pink or red). It feels very nice. They only had 1 size, so as usual it is a little too big but if you strap it tight then it works fine! Watch me test this jacket for you! I have a special deal with the manufacturer, and I can get a lot more of them. Who is interested in getting one? I can get you one for only 60 euro (normal price around 99 euro!!), brand new of course! You will love it, it is soft and comfortable!

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  1. Gina is lovely, I’m interested in have one. Could you please email me the details? (Colors, materials, models, sizes.)
    Thanks in advance!
    Of course you look amazing, hope to see you in the straitjacket with legcuffs and high heels xD (ballet boots maybe?)

  2. Now you just need to do a shoot with padlocks on the buckles and a matching color hood;)

  3. Hi, also interested in one of your awesome straitjackets. Could you please mail me? Thx

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