Prison time again!

BL561 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 12 August 2017

I booked some more time in the prison. It is a facility in Holland you can book some jail time :) Last time I went with Roxanne, but now I went alone. I did not choose the prison jumpsuit, but I wanted more restraints. So I got a waist chain, ankle cuffs and elbow cuffs! I also got gagged! It was a great afternoon as you can imagine! If you want to book some time there, I would recommend getting hogcuffed in the cell, so you can’t move for a few hours, that’s also fun! And for the guys they also have a female guard!

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  1. Where can I can I find that prison?
    ( internet)


  2. Email me at

  3. A lovely Saturday morning surprise from a very lovely slave!

    I like to Switch and have always had the fantasy about being arrested by a lovely policewoman. She would handcuff me (with REAL cuffs like what you use in your photos), place me in the back seat of her patrol car (the kind with a cage) and then at the station she’d lock me up in her cell. All during this fantasy, I want her to tease me until I got to the point of frustrated desire. So hot to think of being physically unable to have her no matter what – and that she and she alone controls me and my desires.

    Then again, there are other times I feel dom-ish and well, that’s a whole different story ;)

  4. Nice prisoner and a nice prison. Would love to have something like this at home ;-)

  5. Great pix! More cuffs would be nice!

  6. If you want a female guardian (with sword and steel armor), just call me! you will not leave the prison easily… LOL

  7. Do you also shoot custom video?

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