Pink hogcuff escape attempt

BL563 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 26 August 2017

Okay okay I am very bad at escaping. I know! I have poor lower back flexibility so a hogcuff position will have me completely stuck on the floor without being able to move much. So why do all of you keep requesting these hogcuffs and escape attempts! You know I can’t do it! Or maybe you just like to see me helpless and wriggling around on the floor… yes I guess that’s it! Very sneaky. Well, anyway, enjoy another one of my attempts, in pink leg irons and handcuffs this time.

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  1. You are missing your pink g shock…it would look great…who cares if the battery is dead!!

  2. I would like to see you in the tiny bikini that makes the current very sexy bikini tan lines :-) In the nature and in cuffs/gag of course.

  3. Hello Gina, how it feels to be wearing chastity belt and metal collar the most of time. I’m thinking on ask my husband to gift me both things for my birthday, but I’m unsure of that, hahaha. Regards

  4. Gina how can you keep the anal plate locked on your belt all the time. Do you have the key to the rear plate.

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