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BL554 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 24 June 2017

What is it like to live in a chastity belt? Well, I don’t even think about it anymore. I think most of you are more obsessed about my belt than I am. I just think it is normal. I would feel strange without my belt. It helps me focus on my daily tasks and it keeps me safe. I can do everything in a belt, including sports (horse riding), sleeping, and clean myself (quite good). There’s only 1 thing I can’t do hahaa. But going to the supermarket is easy. If you want to know what that looks like, watch today’s video! Well, usually I don’t lift my shirt all the time, but I had to show you that I am still belted!

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  1. Neuer KG noch nicht wieder repariert?
    Ich glaube mich daran zu erinnern, dass du deinen Halsreif immer trägst! Irgendwie kann ich dieses nicht bei deinem Einkauf an dir sehen! ist der auch in Reparatur?

  2. Gina, the site wouldn’t be the same without the chastity belt being locked on all the time! That’s why we are obsessed with your belted lifestyle. Glad to know you are used to this way of life, and you feel protected and focused. :-)

    The hidden positives of being locked in chastity. Yeah!

    By the way, do you wear underwear, or does metal count?

  3. Too bad you don’t wear a collar as well.

  4. But otherwise I really love these pictures of you. A beautiful woman in a normal everyday situation wearing a chastity belt. That is so hot.

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