Plastic wrap stuff!

BL548 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 13 May 2017

In more than 10 years of bondage journey, I have tried so much I can’t even remember everything I did. But one thing that members always ask about is the plastic wrap. And I recently got a huge roll of the black stuff from some friends, so here we go: I am tightly wrapped up, like a Gina sausage! I love the feeling to be completely restricted! Of course, I had to test if I could escape from this stuff, which is a little harder than it looks. Watch the video and see if I can get out!

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  1. I really is great stuff, and when done right, inescapable.!

  2. Fantastic. I really love this type of bondage…although I prefer to use the extra small type of tape (10cm wide).
    If you then add vet wrap or bandage tape (like the blue one I sent you a while ago) around your head you can reach the next level of helplessness. :-)
    You wouldn’t be able to use your pleading eyes anymore.
    And…wouldn’t it be a good idea to be wrapped into one cocoon together with Roxanne?

  3. Nice. I wonder if we will see some trash bag bondage again soon. It would be really nice.

  4. good

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