Irish 8 duo escape

BL547 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 06 May 2017

Irish 8 handcuffs are very hard to escape from. I can not really do it when they are locked behind my back with wrists parallel, even when I have the key. But what if me and Roxanne are BOTH cuffed in this way? It should be easier right? We could help each other. At least that was my plan, but you never know with Roxanne, maybe she doesn’t want to help me and she just wants to try to free herself…

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  1. VERY SEXY, ladies !!!!

  2. I’ve always loved seeing beautiful women with their hands cuffed behind their backs- with REAL cuffs, not those flimsy kinds where you don’t need the key. So very sexy!

  3. The best handcuffs ever. Secure and comfortable. No escape from these bracelets. :-) ha ha. I love the foot cuffs, too.

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