Going to bed in my RigidFiddle

BL541 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 25 March 2017

For over ten years now, I have occasionally slept in my small RigidFiddle. It was made especially for me and it was very expensive. Because of the price, I really feel like I should be locked in it more, because it would be a waste of money otherwise. Faithful members will remember a very young me sleeping in the fiddle in 2007 or 2008, when I was still blonde. I have never stopped doing this, but I don’t sleep like this all the time, because I need someone with me to lock me in and let me out in the morning. A pair of handcuffs or leather cuffs is fine for most nights, but the small fiddle will always be special!

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  1. Hoi Gina, ik wil je best in jouw fiddle helpen en je er in de ochtend weer uithalen hoor, als je er graag in wilt slapen ;)

  2. Waar woon je dan

  3. Hey Gina, Where’s the pink g shock?? It’s a real turn on when you wear it?

  4. Hey Gina, everything ok? Two “old” updates in a row, i hope you didnt hurt yourself or something.

  5. These updates are not old! Why do you think so?

  6. Hi Gina, in case you want a similar effect of bondage to sleep in, I would recommend a neck cuff and a pair of handcuffs running through the neck cuff’s loop. You can also do the same with dog collar chains (that have loops on either end) and padlocks. I sleep like that very frequently. The keys are kept in a hard-to-access place in your house where, bound like this, you would need some time to get hold of the keys in the morning. It gives me great sleep, I can properly sleep for hours – maybe waking up once in the middle of the night – and a warm feeling of security all night long. And you can undo yourself in the morning if you want to. Although, sometimes I feel way too naughty in the morning to release myself and try and make breakfast like this and spend a couple of hours nicely cuffed up. Wrist padding highly recommended to avoid chafing from the chains :-)

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