Slave training by Roxanne

BL534 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 04 February 2017

It seems Roxanne really wants to make me her pet! What more does she want? She has the keys to my belt and my collar! Is that not enough? Roxanne also wants to train my behavior, which is really not necessary because I am a perfectly good girl! She makes me do tricks, puts me on a leash, and even cuffs my wrists to my belt! I think she is going too far, unless… she has been receiving emails from you!! Yes, I know you are behind all this!

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  1. We suggested this? Nah Nope. You are just being paranoid, we would never. >:D

  2. Roxanne! Put Gina in her chastity bra, and I will be a member right again! :) Have a good time together! hugs, E.

  3. what a lovely sight!!! 2 collared girls playing nice togethger ~~~

  4. Roxanne, you better gag her if she only complains all the time.

  5. Where dad you bought your collar?

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