Roxanne learns my rules

BL535 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 11 February 2017

So I invited Roxanne over for an evening of tv at my place. But when she came over, the tv wasn’t turned on. I explained to her it wasn’t turned on because she was not cuffed and gagged. You see, as faithful fans know: I can only watch tv (or use the computer) when I am cuffed and gagged. I know, it is a strange rule to impose on myself, but I have lived like this for over 10 years and I am completely used to it. Roxanne finds out that my rule also applies to guests. So who wants to come visit me? You know the rules now!

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  1. Good idea!

    Next rule – wearing a chastity belt too

  2. I’d love to join in! <3

  3. I like the idea, but who gets to hold the keys?

  4. i would hold the keys I have some more

  5. I’ll be right over ;)

  6. I would love to visit you :-)

  7. now all you need to be is handcuffed together !!

  8. Love the rules

    Chastity belt also should be required

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