Fiddled and gagged

BL537 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 25 February 2017

Can you believe that Roxanne has smaller wrists than me! She is taller but she has smaller wrists! My wrists are already super small, I had a custom RigidFiddle made that fits no one else! Except Roxanne of course. So since she is even smaller, I had to lock her into the custom RigidFiddle and I was locked in a regular fiddle (also lady size, but not as small as my other one). We were also kept apart by a spreader bar, so we couldn’t help each other escape. To make things even harder, we were both gagged, so we couldn’t discuss any plans or escape attempts! Very hard!

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  1. such lovely friends !!

  2. Lucky Girls

  3. only thing that still needs doing: latex update for you and roxanne

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