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BL501 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 18 June 2016

I love the orange jumpsuit! If I lived in America, I would probably try to get myself arrested. It’s stronger than me, I can not help it! I would struggle and wriggle around in my orange jumpsuit all day and every day if I could! What I really need is someone to keep me as a prisoner 24/7. But unfortunately, that is not possible. Still, it is a very good fantasy and I love being an inmate! I hope you like it too! x

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  1. Since you are submissive and me dominant, come in France! I will build you a small prison (or a cage) just for you. If you need to go out, I will use a chain.
    And if you want to disobey: I will use my sword.
    And if you want to run away: I will use my bow and arrows.
    And if you want to attack me: I have an armor and a shield.

    I like it, but it misses some… steel bars. What about using a MB cage?

  2. Hmmm…love to see you like this.
    But even more I’d like to see you in the nice neck corset or with your head wrapped in the tape that I sent you.
    Didn’t you say you can’t wait to try it on? Did you lie at me?
    In that case you really need to be disciplined. ;)

  3. I hope your chastity belt is secure in place under the suit

  4. I have the same fantasies as you. I’d love to wear a orange jumpsuit and be restrained in leg irons , Waistchain and handcuffs with a lockbox! Perhaps we could be the modern Bonnie and Clyde!! ;-)

  5. Never say never. There is always at least one other person with similar, if not identical interests. And with one like this, there will someone with the reciprocal fantasy. I know I would love to run a prison, population of 1 Gina, to be kept in irons 24/7.

  6. “Don’t dream your life, Live your Dreams.”

  7. Why you said “Unfortunately that is not possible”?
    I loved to have you as my prisoner for 24/7. I have full set of prison in my basement.
    And to restraint you(24/7) I have full collection of have collection of almost everything they sell).
    I will love to chain you in my prison.

  8. That’s awesome, please email me at

  9. Done!!!
    Thanks for the reply :-)

  10. R u still interested in serving time in prison for 24/7, if yes than I have deal for you.

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