A chained day

BL495 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 07 May 2016

At my own request, I was chained to the wall for a day. I know, that is a strange request, but I wanted to try to see if I could make it. It was from morning to evening, well okay that is only about 12 hours, not a day, but that is the longest I could probably go without needing the toilet. But what was really interesting me was to see if I could make it. Because with all my challenges, the initial excitement soon wears off and then you are stuck for a long time. It can be pretty boring! But I made sure I would NOT be unlocked before it was time, not even if I would ask for it. I can be very strict… to myself LOL

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  1. Gina, you could always wear a Foley catheter and a belly bag and you could go 12 hours easy.

  2. gine and her lovely pink g-shock !! handcuffs would have been a nice addition

  3. Easiest solution, a long enough chain and locked near the bathroom

  4. you could have had your computer over there to entertain you, but if you did, you would have to have gagged yourself, not that I would be complaining, or you either for that matter.

  5. Next time also your ankles and wrists chained to the chain?

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