Locking high heel cuffs?

BL486 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 05 March 2016

You will never guess what I have received from a fan!! Locking high heel cuffs!! This makes any pair of heels locking! I mean, you can lock any pair of heels to your feet, and you will never be able to take them off without a key! It is amazing! I did not even know these exist! It is basically a few leather straps and a padlock, how clever! This means I will be forced to wear high heels until someone decides I can take them off! Great for training!

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  1. Interesting!
    Now, go on the treadmill! [mad]

  2. Next time you could wear your ballet boots with these locks ;)

  3. Fun idea, have a member mail you a pair of padlocks for these, and have them hold the keys, and then mail those to you when they feel like it, or after an agreed upon amount of time.

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