Waist chained in a corset

BL485 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 27 February 2016

A tight corset! I love it! It is very restrictive, like bondage! And it makes me look good! Laced black leather, plus black tight leggings, plus black high heels! Very classy! I love to wear this with a waist chain (the most classy of all restraints!), and ankle cuffs of course! People often ask: is it easy go get out of a waist chain? Yes, it is very easy. You can easily lock it on yourself and take it off (if you have the key of course), because you can reach the other cuff easily. Maybe if you are very fat, you would not be able to reach your other hand… hmm… I don’t know!

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  1. Put the keys in your corset!

  2. Hm… I really think, this corset needs a lot more tightening. Honestly, there is nothing worse than a floppy corset.
    Then put a chain around that hourglass waist of yours. Lock it and give the key to your nice friend. No handcuffs needed… just enough breath!! :)

  3. Great update Gina

    You are right you look great in bondage. And black also looks fantastic on you.

    Great how you have been providing us with updates for so many years.

  4. That is a great look on you :) Very sexy.

  5. So classy! You just need a tight SM-Factory collar to complete the outfit.

  6. If a fan/member buys a SM-Factory collar and gives you it, will you wear it for life (not only for updates, all the time)?

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