Armbinder fun!

BL482 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 06 February 2016

This is strange! A round red room! I mean, seriously: the room is round! With soft red carpet! That is just great, I love it! It matches my bra and my gag! I want to roll around in this room! The floor is so nice! Yes, I know, I am strange. But I don’t care, just leave me and my round red room fun!!

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  1. I see a meowtiful collar and a meowtiful belt! Good girl =^.^=
    So nice you are!

  2. that is a much better submissive Gina. You should be fine in there for a while.

  3. Love to see you’re wearing the chastity belt ! Snug and secure isn’t it ;P

  4. Gina, what about some padded walls and you can stay there forever: bound, gagged, belted and caged …

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