The ring gag mask

BL476 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 26 December 2015

A fan sent me this ring gag mask! I get so many things from fans, it is amazing! Usually though, you don’t realize how small I am, and most things that I receive are way too big. This ring gag mask is a little big and not very well made, but it is not bad! I couldn’t see and I couldn’t speak, which is the point of this bondage item, so I guess it was a success!! A big thanks to the fan who sent me this one! I may try to sleep in it tonight, if I can get it a little tighter on the chin. Haha :D

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  1. Not bad Gina. Nice update

  2. Nice Gina ! Also wearing the chastity belt ??

  3. That’s a secret for the one who sent it ;)

  4. I can just imagine, me coming home from work, you, in the hallway, on your knees, hands behind your back, wearing this

  5. Judging from the preview pictures, they are lockable but not actually locked :(

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