Straitjacket adventures!

BL466 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 17 October 2015

I was visiting an old asylum, but sadly there’s not much left of it. Still, I felt like it was very appropriate to wear a straitjacket and no shoes while I was inside! There was no one there, so why not! Okay, well there were a few people downstairs and there was a guy on the roof of the next building, they could have seen me. Maybe they did, but as usual, no one said anything! I love these white tiles and hard cold floors! I wish I could be in an asylum for a few months, I would love it! I’m already crazy, so why not! Whahaha!

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  1. Don’t forget welding your chastity belt to prevent mad guys from raping you!

  2. or mad women, there’s more than one crazy gender. :)

  3. Where did you get that straitjacket?

  4. Simple, sexy, and hot. I think you would be a great patient in a mental hospital. I think you might get some special treatment though ;)

  5. You are my kinda crazy Girl !!! xxx

  6. Wendy damn is that supposed to be funny?
    Gina, I think no one will judge you harshly. Maybe in town hall meetings they swap stories of seeing gina. I’m imagining a small Norse village like in How To Train Your Dragon.

  7. No offense.
    I spent some months in a psychiatric hospital (because of my health): a nightmare, it was horrible. Guys wanted to have sex with me (fortunately, they didn’t). Now I always say: if I need to set paw in a physchiatric hospital (to visit someone), my belt and bra will be welded (ironical, you know it’s too dangerous to weld them).
    Maybe this part of my past will help you to understand my comment…

  8. I want your straitjacket!!!!! It is on sale? PLEASEEEE!

  9. Stunning look there Gina.

  10. You’re sporting my favorite garment. Lovely. XD

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