Straitjacket adventures!

BL466 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 17 October 2015

I was visiting an old asylum, but sadly there’s not much left of it. Still, I felt like it was very appropriate to wear a straitjacket and no shoes while I was inside! There was no one there, so why not! Okay, well there were a few people downstairs and there was a guy on the roof of the next building, they could have seen me. Maybe they did, but as usual, no one said anything! I love these white tiles and hard cold floors! I wish I could be in an asylum for a few months, I would love it! I’m already crazy, so why not! Whahaha!

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  1. or mad women, there’s more than one crazy gender. :)

  2. Where did you get that straitjacket?

  3. Simple, sexy, and hot. I think you would be a great patient in a mental hospital. I think you might get some special treatment though ;)

  4. You are my kinda crazy Girl !!! xxx

  5. I want your straitjacket!!!!! It is on sale? PLEASEEEE!

  6. Stunning look there Gina.

  7. You’re sporting my favorite garment. Lovely. XD

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