No escape from wood

BL445 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 23 May 2015

Aaah the old wooden fiddle! It weighs a ton, but that’s what’s so much fun about it! The wrist holes are a little bit too big for me, and with some effort I can slip out of them, but a pair of handcuffs will easily solve that problem! Actually, the distance between the wrists is perfect for a regular pair of cuffs!! I wished I lived in the Middle Ages!! I just love chastity belts and stocks and fiddles!! But I’m strange, don’t mind me :D

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  1. Strange?? Not in the least!! You’re my kinda normal Gina.

  2. I don’t think any of us find you strange, we find you uniquely appealing :)

  3. I agree with Ian & Matt comments, I consider you to be a very normal person Gina who has fun

  4. Just remember that those devices weren’t meant for pleasure, but for true punishment (which is a whole different ballgame from pretend punishment). you enjoy the locked-up feeling but would you still enjoy it, when it you’re starving, mocked, hurting all over, going into your second day of confinement with no end in sight? You might be more tolerant of it when you’re into it, but you will also have a limit at which the fun stops.

    However, don’t let that stop you from having fun now, ofc ;). And i don’t find it strange at all. to each their fetishes.

  5. Gina I understand what you meant. I too feel the same way about being restrained.

  6. You can glue neoprene rubber padding on the wrist holes of the stocks. That way you will have more padding for long term wear, and the holes will be smaller so you won’t need handcuffs to prevent escape. Give it a try!

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