High security prisoner

BL439 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 11 April 2015

There are a few people emailing me regularly about their prison fantasies, they want to be cuffed, taken into a cell, searched, and left there (in any order). You aren’t allowed to keep your shoes on even! I love to play prisoner, and I have a real prison outfit from the USA! But what if I would be an agressive prison girl, attempting to spit at the guards!? Would they make me where a harness panel gag? I really hope so!

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  1. I’d lock you up anytime sexy :) Lovely additions.

  2. Gina if you actually spent some time in some other countries I think you would find a new appreciation for your own home. The USA doesn’t give out jumpsuites with buttons and you would not be felt up after fighting you would be tested for diseases and left in a restraint chair. It’s not funny to mock the underprivileged. I could be misunderstanding you as I was click-baited to some torture porn from facebook and am still mad.

  3. Matt, she is engaging in a kink, not making a commentary on the US penal system.

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