Tired from ballet boots practice

BL437 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 28 March 2015

New leather pants!! They are a little flared so they are great to wear over boots! The pants are slightly too long so I figured if I wear ballet boots they are just fine! Haha, well I need to practise anyway, I usually practise a few times a week, but haven’t walked in ballets for a few weeks now. So here we go! Oh, and I gag myself of course, for the duration of the practise. It’s mandatory.

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  1. and when else is being gagged mandatory? :D Looks like you need some practice with the boots.

  2. there’s that sexy g-shock !!!

  3. Wow you look stunning Gina as you always do.
    On a personal view I would have you practice more in those boots, and once you got use to them have your wrists cuffed to your waist :)

  4. Anyone know any good female chastity video sites besides chastitybabes?

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