Sink plug gag

BL433 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 28 February 2015

I saw these gags on the internet, and I have been searching for them a long time! Now I finally found them at! They have this one and even a harness gag version of this sink plug gag! It is a very large round tube that goes into your mouth with a lot of leather wrapped around your head! The large tube will make you drool like crazy! But here’s the clever part: if you want to stop the drooling, just use the sink plug to plug your mouth shut!! It is brilliant!

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  1. I love the collar and the gag looks great. Definitely do more leather bondage!

  2. thick leather cuffs accented by her pink g shock !!!! nice gag, too.:=)

  3. I have a similar gag, but I drool between my lips and the gag, so there is no way to stop it.

  4. It’s also very handy for putting other things in your mouth while wearing it ;)

  5. I anther great up date…love the pink g shock!!

  6. It’s a good idea to try new gags. You should be able to be gagged without drooling? Maybe it’s just everyone’s different. Are you trying to silence yourself or is it that you want an object in your mouth (no joke intended)? Either way seems like your having fun and safe.

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