Hogcuffed and good night!

BL385 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 29 March 2014

Can you sleep without restraints? I can’t. Not anymore, it just feels like I am missing something. I always sleep with my collar on (of course), but about 80% of the nights I also sleep cuffed. Sometimes I even try to sleep hogcuffed, but that doesn’t really work for 8 hours. I think 2 hours is the most I can do, but I will try harder, because I would like to make it to 8 hours! Look at me in my little night dress :) I love night dresses and cuffs, it looks hot!

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  1. nope, I can’t sleep if you’re not in restraints *wink

  2. Hehe, I liked Bensel’s comment!
    You have raised the bar Gina! Definitely, night dresses and handcuffs is the only (kinky) way to go! First, the handcuffs will be used to lock your wrists to the bed headboard along with a tight ballgag strapped in your pretty mouth and after a good time, in the wonderful hogcuffed position you are in! Please try to get used to sleeping hogcuffed for the whole night, a good bondage slave should be able to do this! Amazingly sexy update :)

  3. You look wonderful in this update.
    As for sleeping hog cuffed I think you would find that difficult because metal handcuffs are so unforgiving and also the narrowness of the band. I did a long time ago sleep in metal handcuffs but I had to stop because I caused an injury to my left thumb, so much so I had to have my wrist and thumb in plaster cast for 3 weeks , lol. So I would only use handcuffs as a quick or short term bondage now myself.

  4. You look really nice. but it would be nicer with your chastity-belt. ;-)

  5. é um pena que ela não tenha uma algema no dedão do pé?

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