Self cuffing in ballet boots

BL337 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 27 April 2013

I have these old shackles that I wanted to try to put over my ballet boots! The problem is that they require a lot of force to close, and my hands are cuffed in Irish 8 handcuffs! I probably should have cuffed my feet first, and then my hands… You learn something new every day, even after almost 7 years!! Oh well, I loved spending some time in my ballet boots and the cuffs (after I got some help snapping them shut tightly on the boots). I hope you like my summer dress too! It is so pretty!

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  1. Looking good Gina! :3

  2. I love the simpler updates like this. Simple restraints, fancy clothes, and what I’m sure is a fairly unpopular opinion around here, no gag to obscure your pretty face.

  3. You’re so sweet when relaxing!

  4. The dress is only so pretty because you are in it. ;)

  5. Bonjour Gina j’adore ton site il est terrible. J’aimerais savoir si il serait possible que l’on te vois soumise en mini robe cuir avec des bottes a talons en cuir et menottée et baillonnée?

  6. I LOVE this shoot. Why? Because you are shown in ballet heels and cuffs with a normal wardrobe. I love when fetish items are blended with ordinary wardrobe items. The “out-of-place” look of the ballet boots make them the total center of attention. I could imagine you having a house full of company and entertaining your guests while being in this outfit. Incredible !

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