Cuffed to the pillar

BL306 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 22 September 2012

My arms are cuffed around a huge pillar in this empty room! And I am neck cuffed, connected to the handcuffs! To make things worse, the key is just out of reach (I think). It will be very hard to reach it, since my hands and neck can not go far from the pillar. I will have to use my legs to get the key, but they are cuffed too! This is a very difficult challenge, I think I will be stuck here for a while :(

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  1. Wow, G-Shock over sleeves and cuffed!

  2. G shock! Hot!

  3. Nice, the only thing whats missing is the Ballgag. Your looking so nice with a ballgag… nice update :)

  4. Yep, why did you skip the ballgag? I honestly cannot understand why so many people have a “thing” for G-shock watches? I mean, what? Are they… sexy? A turn on? WHAT?

  5. @ Marios:

    Yes, it’s a turn on for us watchfetishists.

  6. I agree with Kim and Rik the g-shock makes it hotter!!


  8. Just love the pole.

  9. sooooo sexy

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