Neck cuff predicament

BL300 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 11 August 2012

Wow!! This is update 300!! That is a lot of weeks of me in bondage! Wahahahha lol! So it is time for something extreme, something to celebrate! A neck cuff predicament with all your favorite requests in one update! Chastity belt, my pink watch, bare feet, leg irons… you name it! My hands are cuffed behind my back attached to my neck cuff. I have to raise my arms slightly to avoid choking myself. Of course, this gets harder and harder, and as my arms get heavier I get a lot of pressure on my neck. It makes it hard to breathe and even harder to try to escape…

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  1. Those facial expressions were hilarious! But perhaps i shouldnt laugh.Be well.

  2. gina sneaked in her pink g-shock !!!!!!!!

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