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Some members have proposed to me over the years, but not many. So here is an attempt to get more marriage proposals! Would you marry me in this dress, collar and heavy cuffs? I will be a really good wife, slave and sub. Cook and clean, do everything you wish. If you want, I will be shackled, collared and in a chastity belt 24/7. Anyone? I hope to receive a lot of comments! It will make me feel wanted! Click here to comment! Be honest, yes or no?

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  1. I would willingly marry you, and keep you permanently chained, but I don’t think my wife would like the idea

  2. It’s something that I really like and my plan is indeed to my future wife will have to be wearing a chastity belt from Neosteel in 24/7, as the slave woman, she should be.

  3. So Gina, if you are keen on being a real slave wife, and you’re willing to spend a chastity belt always, and wearing shackles, please send a request to me.

  4. Yes i would if in addition i could gag you from time to time.

  5. Yes!!

  6. I would marry you, even as a girl.

  7. You probably know my response ;)

  8. yes i will. you are perfect

  9. I would lock you in the neck cuff i sent you and weld the keyhole shut. I you would be my wife

  10. That is a lovely dress. Would you wear the collar and cuffs on your wedding day?

  11. I will make you my slave wife, and give you a Neosteel chastity belt on the 24/7 and you will never get any key to this, your body belongs to me forever.

  12. Best update yet:)

  13. Yes, I happen to have no really important dates next week. So, how about next saturday? ;-)

  14. Not only would I marry you, I will marry you. You would become a Canadian! I have the means to keep you, protect, and provide for you. Two sets of vows would be exchanged. First as my wife, and second, and as importantly, as my life partner as a new slave. You’d need not work.. just work to please. Not only me.. you have a huge fan base, so we would continue your web site; with a few changes. First we’d fix it, then share it internationally, and give the fans what they’ve been desiring, because Gina, my wife and slave would not be wearing clothes (sharing is sharing).
    I have always thought I would find my bride off the Internet .. and I would be over joyed for Gina to be that wife.
    My guess is that your update offer is not tue, but Gina, my offer is!

  15. als je zo gekleed blijft , bij deze will you marry me ?

  16. Zo he , echt wel , en dan kan je nog in Nederland blijven ook

  17. Assuming you haven’t bought that dress for nothing.. Are congratulations appropriate?

  18. Gina, i would marry you in a heartbeat! You are one on the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Collared, shackled, in chastity, you would be any man’s dream come true! Thanks for posting! You are awesome!

  19. yes

  20. I believe there isn’t a soul on this website that wouldn’t want to marry you if given the chance. So would definitely have to say yes.

  21. Chastity belt 24/7? It’s not coming off even to exercise the husband’s conjugal rights?

    (I’m asking only out of curiosity. I can’t take advantage of your generous offer because (1) I’m married, & (2) I live in the US, & you might not like leaving the civilized world.)

  22. 24/7 chastity and collar, come to South Africa and be my wife, you will be fitted with a Neosteel chastity belt, complete with thigh bands, chastity bra, and if you are a good lady, I will allow the insertion of vaginal and anal didlo’s for day wear, van you imagine the beautifull photographs of you in this permanent outfit on top of Table mountain….mmmm…or Clifton Beach

  23. Of course yes !!!

  24. “Some members have proposed to me over the years, but not many.”

    I am surprised and saddened by that, more so by the comments I have read so far; one would expect that you would be flooded with marriage proprosals, that many hundreds if not thousands of dominant men would clammor at the chance to take someone as beatuiful and fun loving as you for their own.

    Would I marry you in that dress, collar and heavy cuffs? Yes. So, on bended knee I humbly ask…

    Gina, would you marry me; to take this humble dominant man and be his wife and submissive, let him love and cherish you? Keep you and collar you as his own, that you would love and obey him; and cherish him as he cherishes you?

  25. Any who wouldn’t want you is nuts.

  26. Hello dear Gina, I will be happy to receive you in France in Paris so that you become mine. I have the most beautiful Collars to offer and a life of Queen subject.I’m me both of you, you me and will need to be an attentive and obedient subject.If you want to come make a small stay in Paris or find the husband and master for life, I am your man and master.To the pleasure of you meet.Chris

  27. Wow, you’re truly stunning. I would say yes in a heartbeat!

  28. definitely yes!
    Tomorrow, or any day you want.

  29. Gina, I will turn you into my obedient slave wife, and give you a Neosteel chastity belt on which you must wear forever, and force you to wear a latex burqa in my home, and it forever, you will be converted to a 100 % obedient slave wife.

  30. YES, It is a nice dress, you look fabelous. from time to time a will gag you. We will see wat you can do.

  31. Sure, if you’re also a nice and fun woman :)

  32. I would love to marry you, but since I’m also locked in a chastity belt, the wedding night would probably be interesting :-)

  33. YES!!!

  34. I bet you would be lots of fun to be married to. How do you like ropes? Is wearing a chastity belt uncomfortable??

    I bet you would be a great slave…

  35. Yes, I would marry you like that!! And what a perfect dress!! :)

  36. I would marry you as well. I would make a few changes to the dress though. I little conservative for my slave girls. But it is a very very nice thought that you have and I would be proud to call you my sub and wife/slave. I truly hope you find a husband that will make you his completely as I would.

  37. i would marry you in a new york minute gina. will you be my chained slave bride forever?

  38. My answer will be NO. Why, because I don’t know you and you don’t know me. to marry somebody you need to know that person and see if there are some matches. You can’t marry somebody that you don’t even know his or her personality. And especially if you wanna become somebody’s slave.

    When I see you on this site, I find you cute and nice and I like your smile. I like to see you chained but I know nothing about you (I mean in real life) and you know nothing about me.

    Those telling you Yes are just poor guys that hope you will say yes but who know that you will never.

  39. Hell yer !!!

  40. If I had a chance, I ask you to go out with me. I beleive you, me and bondage items have a nice life but first we need to have try if we should live together before marring I guess =)

    About your dress, If we marry I would like to see this one on you. Your weddind accessories are fits with you and wedding.

  41. Yes, I would marry you, but I would replace those crude cuffs with something more refined from axsmar or sm-factory. In addition to your chastity belt I would begin corset training immediately. We would be out often, but you would be well-restrained under your clothing, hobbled by thigh-cuffs, and your hands cuffed under a cape or inside your coat. At home you would always be collared and shackled, with daily periods of more stringent bondage, and sensory deprivation each night: ear plugs, hood, and bondage mitts.

  42. Absolutely beautiful. I would marry you IF I actually knew you- but I don’t so I’ll just have to admire this site and join eventually when I get some extra cash to spare!

  43. Hi, I will marrie you. I already got you axcent rocker watch (black one) Im am singel and lives in Norway. We could make a greate team;-)

  44. Only if you lift your dres and show me your chastitybelt, so I know your a virgin ;)

  45. I would marry with or without the restraints ! Anyone who is as dedicated to this lifestyle as you are Gina would make a wonderful life partner.A nice set of tight cuffs wouldnt go amiss either ,hehe
    But ofc,i don’t know you and you don’t know me,we may be polar oppoisites and argue and row all the time,who knows.I do know you are a special person and i hope the right person comes along and sweeps you off your feet.

  46. Well, of course. I have over 50 different sets of various cuffs for you to wear, and although you will have many duties, cooking and cleaning will not be part of it…….

    When do I need to come over there to get you?

  47. Yes, i certainly will marry you …

    You are so perfect !!!

  48. If you were my wife I would think that I’m in heaven, because you are so incredibly beautiful Angel. Then I would cook and clean and, of course, you were allowed to do what you want. For such a beautiful Angel, I would even leave my Girlfriend and emigrate from Germany to Holland. Yes, I would marry you but only after 6 months after I got to know you properly.

    Als je mijn vrouw dat ik zou denken dat ik in de hemel, want je bent zo ongelooflijk mooi engel. Dan zou ik koken en schoon te maken en, natuurlijk, je mag doen wat je wilt. Voor zo’n mooie engel, ik zou zelfs laat mijn vriendin en emigreren uit Duitsland naar Nederland. Ja, ik zou met je trouwen, maar pas na 6 maanden nadat ik naar rechts weet dat jij en ik heb geleerd Nederlandse
    de beste wensen uit Duitsland door marcel

    All the best wishes from Germany by Marcel

  49. Marry you? I don’t think so… yet. Tying you up and watching you doing chores in bondage would be fun, of course. But marriage is much more than that. First we should know each other better, find out what the other likes and dislikes. We both love bondage, that is common in us, but there are other things, e.g. if we can have a good talk (when you are not gagged :-)). The bottom line is, we should spend some time together (during which you could be bound, of course) before we marry. (And that goes to any man, in whom you might be interested. Get to know him first. He should have respect for you, even if he keeps you tied up.)

  50. without hessitation I will marry you, and you can become a South African.

  51. yes i love to marry you . i love bondage and every thing you do .i love you

  52. yes i would definitely marry you, but the chains would never come off

  53. Outfits…..een grote +
    De hele dag in boeien/bondage/chastity belt, ++

    toch eerst elkaar beter leren kennen.
    veiligheid voor alles

  54. Yes! I would love to marry you. It just so happens, I am
    single, never married. I never beleived in sex before
    marrege and I still don’t. We could have lots off fun
    keeping each other locked up. Lets try try dateing for a
    while first. I could show you how to lock a pair off sorts on
    yourself, But don’t let my age scare you, I’m 49.

  55. я бы с большим удовольствием на тебе женился

  56. Yes. Now.

  57. Sure if you would cuff me back

  58. Yes yes and yes

  59. I would keep u in a belt 24/7 and keep ur vagina plugged and throw u in a chastity bra as we’ll

  60. I would marry you in a new york minute and we can both be shackled in chastity wouldnt that be great.

  61. I would destroy the keys to your cuffs and collar so that you are permanently chained as a symbol of your faith to me. The keys to your chastity belt however, hmm… no, I would not destroy these but keep them somewhere safe and definitely OUT of your reach :D They would come in handy pretty often!

  62. If I was a male we would be got married in a split second!

    This update is funny since I always say: when I will have a boyfriend, he will keep my keys as a symbol of our love (and conversely, he will wear a chastity belt and/or a collar which I will keep the keys). If he wants to have sex with me or touch/lick my breasts, he must love steel!
    It’s not fair since boys can’t wear a chastity bra! It makes a very nice collar with the chains! Meowtiful on your shoulders with this kinbd of dress =^.^=

  63. In a split second I would…you’re if Holland is where you are – not that far ! :)

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