Pink armbinder and chastity belt

BL408 | Posted by Gina on 06 September 2014

This will be the last update in my pink soft armbinder! I have sold it to a fan! It is a nice armbinder, especially the color, but it doesn’t really work very well, it is way too soft to be effective. I like the design, with the straps, and it is very comfortable to wear, but I will use the money that I got for it to buy more gear, probably something more restrictive! Do you have any suggestions what to buy? I have so much stuff already! What am I missing!?

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  1. Good question, what are you missing. You could try a harness pump/ballgag from hottbonds or the different style harness ballgag they have without the ring at the bridge of your nose

    Lots of different ball sizes and colors which I am sure you can appreciate. They make really good stuff by hand.

  2. You could buy something from Martin’s Rigidcuffs…

  3. Axsmar permanent locking collar.

  4. How about some plugs for your chastity belt? Don’t you think it would another dimension to your bondage and might even feel good?

  5. You need a stainless steel or titanium collar you can wear 24/7.

  6. I think you should use the money to buy you a NEOSTEEL total chastity belt, so you can be properly locked.

  7. I second the thought regarding an Axsmar collar. Truly beautiful craftsmanship and it would last a lifetime.

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