Spreader bar troubles

BL556 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 08 July 2017

A spreader bar attached to the ceiling! I haven’t tried that very often yet! It is a lot harder than it looks, my arms got really tired after half an hour and there was not much I could do! It was fun to turn in circles though! For a while I really enjoyed it, but then I started wishing someone would come and unlock me!

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  1. Well, Gina, the pictures are nice as always, but the action is missing! I’d suggest either a lesbian woman taking advantage of this (woman in steel, WHAT will she do if she can’t do anything?), or, maybe better still, lacing you up in a tight corset (the beloved lacing bar scene! – Beloved by men, not the girl of course!)
    Btw, have we ever seen you in a real corset?? I can’t remember… Don’t say, you haven’t had the experience yet!!

    Enjoy your time!! Hugs, Daniela

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