A gift from a fan: leather hood

BL549 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 20 May 2017

I love gifts from fans! Unfortunately, the gifts are often made in China and one size only. That is a problem. The reason why I don’t order from China is that I am very small. Even the ‘female’ size of things you can order is way too big for me. This hood is the same, I think it is supposed to be very snug so you can breathe through the nose holes, but it is quite big and too loose, so it does not look good and it does not feel very restrictive. But thanks for sending it, I will try it on Roxanne! hahahahha

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  1. Yeah, it doesn’t really look good on you, but the chastity belt does ;)

  2. Unfortunately,there is large number of things in the world be made in China,and some of them is for Export Sales.The maker made it in usual size or customer’s order.So,in my opinion,the trouble is the fans which one give you the gifts did not noticed that size of you,or they didn’t get some size of your body,such as crotch,thigh,and head circumference…

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