Rigidfiddle laundry fun

BL478 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 09 January 2016

Even boring tasks can be made more fun when you are in bondage! I know a lot of you agree, because I keep getting so many emails from fans telling me about their bound life! Well, my bound life is (as you know) governed by strict rules. I can not watch tv or use any internet device without being gagged, cuffed, and collared. But for laundry and ironing… I really have to cuff or restrain myself to even do it! Otherwise it would be no fun at all, and I would never do it! Let me know if you recognize this!

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  1. Being restrained in steel is the only way to do the housework!! You and I have so many things in common xx

  2. love your hair like that – really suits you! Would love to see you doing the housework in this outfit wearing UK speedcuffs BUT they have to be as tight as the can go between your hand and knuckle (ie – so they dont travel down your arm!) really restrictive…

  3. If you want to do housework, come to my flat in France. I have lots of housework for you and I will give you a visit of my town (and by the way hold your keys…) (and maybe sharing my thigh cuffs with you) =^.^=
    Or ask the Eiffel Tower workers to help them: this tower needs a lot of painting (if you are not afraid to stain your fiddle)…

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