An evening in nipple clamps

BL615 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 23 March 2019

I really hate nipple clamps! They hurt me so much because I have super sensitive nipples. Sir thinks I should just train more to get used to them, but I don’t think I ever will! I always try to take them off as fast as I can. So Sir put me in an armbinder for the evening. I tried, but I couldn’t take the clamps off. Every move I made the chain was dangling and the clamps were hurting my nipples. This was a very tough evening for me!

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  1. Love your site . And you are very beautiful , especially in bondage. Sorry to disappoint you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE you in those nipple clamps and i agree with Sir completely. PLEASE wear them more and more often. I would appreciate some closeups of your beautiful clamped nipples. Is it true for you that they are more difficult to take off than to put on?

  2. Very nice, those seem very tough. Could you get a softer rubber tipped one?

  3. Hello !!
    sorry for you Sophie but i’m afraid your 3rd picture is my favorite !
    and i’m shure not the only one…

  4. The monoglove is in my opinion the most femenine form of bondage. I think a corset can match perfectly with it :)
    Thanks for your photos, Sophie.

  5. there is another model of pincer tetons even more painful, it could be worse, you support them pretty well even with arms tied in the back, I find you superb in these painful tests imposed

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