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I love pony play! I don’t think Gina liked it but I do. I literally want to be a pony. The body harnesses are so cool, and the gags are not bad either! I will show you what I can do already, it’s mainly trotting and prancing. What other pony skills should I learn next?!

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  1. When do we get to see your bare feet in bondage?

  2. Well I did not know you wanted to see!

  3. More Pony play?
    How about pulling a sulky with guest starring Gina and/or Roxanne sitting in it and giving you the whip?

  4. Wanneer zien we jou in de cel zitten? Met UGGS aan??

  5. Zugtier vor Sulkie u.a.W?gelchen inkl.Hufschuhe & Scheuklappen…

  6. You need to start training with a plug tail and wearing proper pony boots (check out the Palio at punitiveshoes.com). You should also include a 5-ball vaginal plug to your chastity belt. Also, some nipple clamps connected to your bridle gag to increase your stimulation and control.

  7. Really like your ponybit, hope to see more of it in the future :)

    Would you consider bringing back the big preview picture? Or does that not work for you to get the intrest of kinksters like me?

    Greets Pia

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