Cooking for Sir

BL611 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 23 February 2019

I love cooking! But Sir loves to make my life hard by cuffing my ankles and wrists. No problem, I am used to cooking in chains! I am making lasagna, would you like some?

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  1. Sophie, you are so handsome! But I do not understand, why your master allowed to take off your heels. Perhaps he need to fix it? Furthermore it would have been a nice challange wearing your gag during cooking.

    But at all, it looks so tasty, and the lasagna isn?t as bad as well…

  2. Yes. Spicy hot lasagna too? Looks like you’re left handed. Lefty girls are hot.

  3. Very sexy. Beautiful as always, especially in chains :-)

    Nice wrist cuffs. No way you are getting out of them. They look really tight.

  4. Going down withYour heels instead od going up.not a good choice for a slave , where are You ballet heels and also maybe You should try some latex enclosure.

  5. Just wanted to say, that I really love this shoot. All of your shoots have a very well quality and you are an amazing model. Still, this one is so much closer to life and does not look like a professional shooting, but like a real life scene, which is what I always loved about this site: people who like what they do an have fun in a bound life.
    Thanks, you are on a great way, please continue like this :)

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