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I love the movie ‘Secretary’. It is my favorite! If you don’t know what I am talking about, go and watch it. You will like it more than 50 shades, I promise! Collar and cuffs and spreader bar, it is such a great combination to feel completely helpless! Or… maybe I can escape?

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  1. You surely are a most wonderful new owner of this site. Beautiful! I would welcome some barefoot bondage (toecuffs?)

  2. Very nice. With updates like this it won’t take long for you to have a huge following!

  3. That is a great photoset! Sadly video archive seems to be damaged. Unpacking .zip file gives me error, and downloading it again didn’t help.

  4. Thank you, should be fixed x

  5. Yes, video is working now. Thank you for the quick fix!

  6. You are beautiful. Hope you enjoy being in bondage, because you look great like that :-)

  7. Wow thank you x

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