Nipple clamps!

BL607 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 26 January 2019

If there is one thing I hate, it is nipple clamps. Master says I have to practice more to get used to them, but they REALLY hurt me a lot. I am very sensitive. Master is making me clamp myself a few times a week now, and I really really do not like this training. I would rather do anything else than to clamp myself!

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  1. You’d rather do anything else?
    Well…here’s a list you can choose from:
    – Thigh cuffs
    – Chastity bra
    – Chastity belt with front plug
    – Chastity belt with rear plug
    – Chastity belt with front and rear plug
    – Full leather Hood
    – Rigid Fiddle oo or 8
    – Rigid Stocks

    … and never without ballgag or ringgag

  2. Cool!

  3. do you wear your collar / cuffs 24/7? if yes, it would be cool to do a shoot in public with them!

  4. Yes, I do. That is a bit scary but I guess it is winter so it is easy to cover.

  5. Looking forward to summer :)

  6. You look sexy as always, but I prefer to see you smile instead of being in pain. Of course some pain or discomfort is sometimes needed for a slave.

    I too look forward to summer where the cuffs and collar are harder to hide. I only wish I lived nearby :-)

  7. It is really a pity that your belt has no D-rings for thigh bands.

  8. Master always attaches the thigh bands to the chain D-rings in the back. It works!

  9. I agree with Roland. Side rings are very important for chastity belts.
    Not only to padlock some thigh cuffs, but also to hang your keys when you go out, and to pull up the belt (preventing marks and making oil applying easier).

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