Hi, I am Sophie :)

BL604 | Posted by Sophie | Posted in Updates | Posted on 05 January 2019

Hi, I am Sophie and I will be posting my pictures and videos on this website now Gina has left us :) I know it is sad she has decided to stop, but I hope you will like me too! I’m fairly new to bondage but I have been modelling as a hobby for some fetish websites. My Master has locked me in a chastity belt which I now wear every day, it is only taken off if I need to clean myself or go to the toilet. In this update I am trying to escape from a pair of hinged handcuffs with the keyholes on the wrong side. I can not do it (spoiler), but please bear with me as I try to get better in bondage challenges. I am sure this website will help me to try out a lot of things!

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  1. Welcome!

  2. The actually trick to become a good blog girl is to simply show us how you enjoy bondage in everyday life. It’s very simple, so be a good girl, and don’t be shy ;) For example how about doing home chores in prison uniform and restraints, or watching tv while handcuffed and gagged, using your collar in streets, etc…

  3. Thank you Artorevs, I will do my best! sophie@boundlife.com

  4. Welcome! You’ve kept us all waiting anxiously for far too long….

  5. Happy to see you on the site, I will follow with interest your attempts to free you from your handcuffs and acessoire dispute in embarrassing situations

  6. Welcome! I am looking forward to following you here :-)

  7. Glad to see you, glad to see the site alive

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