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Aaah the weather is super nice here! I have been out and about in my collar, and it was great, no one even noticed! I spent some time reading and having a refreshment in a field, there were people passing by, but they didn’t comment on the metal that was locked onto me. Good thing, because I left all the keys at home (actually I haven’t seen the key to my collar in quite a long time, I hope I did not lose it). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this update and the summer in your country, wherever you all live!

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  1. So do you wear the collar to work?

  2. Yes, I do. Is that wrong you think?

  3. sexy pink g shock and collar !!!! very nice !!!!

  4. how many days is the longest period you have ever wear it ?
    You hide it with a scarf at work ?

  5. You say that you haven’t seen the key to your collar in quite some time, and in last week’s update you’re wearing a leather collar, not the steel collar. And the week before that it was the fiddle. Am surmising there’s a stretch of time between these shoots, or you don’t measure time the way the rest of us do?

  6. I think it is great you wear your collar to work. I wish more people would be as accepting of people’s choices as long as it doesn’t interfere with their responsibilities. I only wish I held the other end of your collar ;)

  7. So happy to see you wearing your collar and chastity belt outside. As I have said many times before, that collar looks amazing on you! :)

  8. no not at all i think thats hot can you take a request

    Request is
    1) Very Tight ball gag locked on!
    2) Armbinder attached to somthing
    3) Chastity Belt and bra
    4) Rigid spreader to spread legs!

  9. #Leathers: Maybe the shoots aren’t done every Saturday or so. Maybe some of them are older, but weren’t published yet.
    BTW: More G-Shock updates!

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