Outdoors in latex, leather, and chastity

BL279 | Posted by Gina | Posted in Updates | Posted on 17 March 2012

Whoohoo I went outside wearing 3 layers! Latex underpants, my chastity belt locked over that, and leather pants on top! A great feeling, I could wear that all day! Feels so secure, definitely very safe, no one can ever touch me when I wear this. So it is also great for going out, 100% safe if I leave the chastity belt key at home. I need to think of a way to lock my leather pants as well! That would be even better!
Never mind the yawning, I was tired ;D

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  1. Love the G-Shock!

  2. Idea for locking your leather pants is to get a leather belt/strap that attaches a padlock to the center bar of the buckle.
    Love the video and outfit

  3. how you want to go to toilet with the underpants locked with the belt?

  4. wearing the pink g-shock is such a turn on, please wear it more!!!!!!

  5. You look absolutly f a n t a s t i c in this outfit. I love these public shoots….. Be bold and go into the city, shopping ;-)

    An idea for a closed leather pant: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36200098/Lederhose_abgeschlossen.jpg

  6. I love the collar too!!

  7. I need to get over there sometime

  8. the best post yet, keep upthe good work

  9. More G-Shock!

  10. we have a leather biker jacket that has a lock on the top zip consealed and she wears corset under it no one could ever tell she once wore it all day

  11. my wife wears a biker suit that looks and no way can she get it undone she has a chastity belt under it and has to ride her BMW miles to meet me at a hotel before I unlock it then she is really hot

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